How do I save money by installing LUXDoc?

Installation of LUXDoc incur immediate savings through reductions in electric light usage during peak utility hours; cutbacks in air conditioning to counteract heat created by light fixtures; and decreased repairs to lighting fixtures, replacement of bulbs, and maintenance labor hours.

What are the advantages of a LUXDoc?

LUXDoc deliver more natural sunlight, more hours a day than any passive skylight in the market. The LUXDoc illuminates building interiors with up to 63,000 lumens of sunlight for up to 12 hours a day.

What kind of ongoing maintenance is required for LUXDoc?

NO maintenance required for LUXDoc. Seasonal wind and rains will wash off dust that may accumulate on the dome. It’s completely does not require much maintenance beyond this.

Can I replace my existing skylights with LUXDoc?

LUXDoc can easily replace your existing normal passive skylight. With the curbs already installed on the roof, LUXDoc can easily take the place of passive skylights and deliver higher quality natural light for longer periods of time.

How much does each LUXDoc weigh?

A LUXDoc unit weighs approximately 28 kg, assuming a lightwell of 600mm in length. If the lightwell is longer, the weight will be heavier.

Why is the natural light provided by LUXDoc better than artificial electric lights?

Natural sunlight is better for human eyes, including the full UV spectrum, prevents illness and disease associated with “Mal-Illumination”, and is completely free. Compared to artificial lights, natural lights increases sales and return visits in retail; improves learning rates and test scores in schools; promotes higher productivity and morale in the workplace; and speeds up recovery in health care.

What is the cover area light Luminaires equivalent 1 unit of LUXDoc?

One unit LUXDoc cover around 100 sq meter if the ceiling height is 7 meter. Approximate at 400 – 1200 lux.

Will the sun discolour LUXDoc?

LUXDoc Polycarbonate Dome are ISO 9050-2003 & ASTM D2794 Impact test certified, come with UV coating, this prevents any discoloring from the sun. Thus it won’t turn yellowish and brittle over time.