Discover how Green Energy can work for you!

Every LUXDOC is installed, it represents a significant more towards a greener building and greener business. Its helping to reduce fuel consumption can mean reduced carbon emissions, reduced carbon foot print and greater sustainability.

LUXDOC allow artificial light to be turned off during daylight hours, and immediate energy saving. With energy prices continuing to rise, this cost benefit will be increasingly important.

Imagining if you could turn off the lights in your business for up to 12 hours a day!

Luxdoc makes use of a FREE source of natural light during the day, which in turn saves energy, lower electrical bills, and provides a better quality of light. Even there is no power supply, Luxdoc still provide safe place to work without heat gain and glaring.

We can assure you that we never compromise on our quality standards and are one of the No 1 Skylight in the market at present.

This Luxdoc has its grasp on overseas market also and has a very good return. Our products are available at very competitive prices through own manufactures.

Our Luxdoc is attracting a great positive feedback from the customers. And many of our clients are fully satisfied with it.


Design with Natural Light

Create the feeling and sensation of spaciousness without adding to your square footage and transform neglected space into working and living areas to more pleasurable productivity has been proven the inefficiency of workers performance measured in productivity, absenteeism, error rates and accident rates. All improve dramatically under Luxdoc

Help reduce the need of electrical lighting and ventilation systems where benefit to humans better visual perform under daylight.

Exposure to daylight has been proven to benefit emotional and physical health. Natural sunlight is a free and available mood enhancer. It encourages us to produce vitamin D and protects illness, which can lead to reduced stress and many others.

No repairs required to light fixtures and replacement of bulb such as bomb lift and labour cost. It’s suitable for all rooting types.

Reliable Long-Life Performance

  • High impact UV resistent
  • ISO 9050 – 2003 & ASTM D2794 Certified
  • Light transmission at 91%

Advance Innovative lotus leaf dip technology. Repellency dirt and water it also selfwash by wind and rains.

LUXDoc are designed for Office, School Sport Hall, Warehouse and more.

Harvest the full-spectrum of daylight, even during early, late and seasonal hours.